Terminating a Tenancy following a Bereavement

We know that losing a relative is a difficult time so below is an easy checklist of things to do when reporting to us the death of a relative and clearing their property.

Dealing with the tenancy following a Death

When a tenant passes away, dealing with their affairs, such as terminating their tenancy, can often appear difficult, especially if you are unsure of the procedure. The following points will hopefully help with any concerns that you may have and ease you through the process. If there is anything else you are not sure of, just ask. We’re here to help. Please notify us of the date you expect the tenancy to end. By this date the property will need to be cleared of personal possessions and the keys returned to the office.

There are different rules for joint tenancies, please contact us to discuss or visit our website

Returning the keys

All tenancies are ended on a Monday. All the keys must be returned to Six Town Housing Office, at 6 Knowsley Place, Bury, by 12 noon. Alternatively this can be left in a key pad outside the property at a sheltered type accommodation, if agreed with a member of staff, on the tenancy end date. Please do not leave any keys in the property – return them directly to us and you will be given a receipt for them. 

If you have any problems with returning the property or any questions please let us know.

You can take up to four weeks to hand back the property but during this time full rent will be charged.

If the tenant was receiving Housing Benefit this is automatically cancelled from the date of death.

Clearing the rent account

There may be occasions where there is a credit balance or money owing on the account. To help us close the account we need details of the following:

  • A copy of the death certificate;
  • The name and address of the next of kin or executor of the deceased;
  • If there is likely to be any money in the estate.

We will advise you of the amount of credit or balance on the account as soon as the account is closed. If there is no money in the estate, the next of kin or executor needs to advise us of this. We will then write any balance owing off.

Who to inform

We suggest that you contact the following:

  • Bury Council Tax office on 0161 253 5095; online
  • Post Office to re-direct any mail;.
  • United Utilities for water supply;
  • Gas and electricity provider.

Aids and Adaptations

To find out if any equipment fitted in the property has been supplied by Adult Care Services, please contact them on 0161 253 6858. They will arrange for this equipment to be removed.

We hope that we have covered most of the questions often raised. If you still need help please contact the Customer Contact Centre or call us on 0161 686 8000.

If you require this document in braille, large print, an audio version, or if English is not your first language, please contact Six Town Housing on 0161 686 8000.