There are a few important rules you must follow if you decide to end your tenancy. If you do not follow these rules, you may be charged and could find it difficult to get another home from us in the future.

You must tell us at least four weeks before you intend to leave. You must do this in writing.

Please download, print and sign the termination of tenancy form and return it to the address on our contact page

If you are sending a termination through the post, please do so using recorded delivery.

If you leave without telling us we will charge you rent for a four week notice period.

When you leave your home you must leave it in the same condition as when you first moved in and hand in your keys at our office or at a council information point. If you return your keys without telling us you are leaving, we will assume you want to end your tenancy and charge you four weeks rent.

Do not leave any of your belongings in the property or garden and ensure any damage you have caused is repaired. You may be charged if you do not do this.

We will want to inspect your property before you move out. We will let you know if we want you to remove them before you move out. If we ask you to remove them and you leave them, we will recharge you for doing the work ourselves. If you do not make an appointment for us to visit you before you move out, we may send you a bill for items that you have left in the property.

If you are a joint tenant, either of you can give notice to end the tenancy. This will end the tenancy. Neither of you has the automatic right to stay in the property. Our decision on whether we let the remaining tenant stay will depend on their circumstances and whether the property would be more suitable for another type of household such a family. We would never ask you to move out without good reason.

Please speak to us before you give notice if just one of you wants to leave.