From 1 February 2024, Bury Council is responsible for managing and maintaining all council homes previously supported by Six Town Housing.
Please use this website and other contact points as usual. Further information is also available on the council’s website.
Find out more here: Six Town Housing Update

Do you need help making an application for benefits?

If you rent your home in the borough of Bury and need support to make an online Universal Credit application, Six Town Housing can help. This offer is open to both:

  • Council tenants
  • Tenants renting privately from landlords

The borough of Bury is made up of Radcliffe, Ramsbottom, Prestwich, Tottington, Whitefield and the town of Bury itself.

How we can help

Our team are here to advise you on the support available to help you apply for the benefits you are entitled to. We can also assist you while you are making an online application for Universal Credit and answer any questions you have about the process.

We can also refer people who are struggling financially to the Citizens Advice Bureau for further financial advice and guidance.

What you need

For our staff to support you with your application, you will need access to a computer, smartphone or tablet device that is connected to the internet. This is because accessing Universal Credit and ongoing information about your claim is an online process, even after the initial set-up.

If you do not have access to a computer or internet access, our staff will be able to refer you to the Department of Work and Pensions for assistance or you can call the Universal Credit Helpline.

Useful resources

You can access this easy online tutorial to find out how to check if you are eligible for Universal Credit and make a claim for free if you use our code 8005879.

How to get in touch

Call us on 0161 686 8000 or

email us: and one of our team members will respond.

Our team will need to ask you some initial questions about you and your family to pass on to an advisor, who will give you a call back to discuss your support within 2 workings days. Please note that to help you we will need to ask for your permission to store and use the data you provide.