Scott Whitestone from Bury supports #WeBenefitBury, a campaign to tackle negative social housing stereotypes

Social housing tenants from across Bury are taking part in a campaign that aims to combat negative media stereotypes. Benefits themed television shows and some national newspapers often depict all council tenants in a negative light. A number of tenants in the borough have had enough and want to challenge the stereotypes to encourage others to speak up.

“My private landlord evicted me to let his son move in and social housing provided me with security. The council estate stereotypes are ridiculous. Living in Council housing doesn’t make you a certain type of person, it’s up to each individual how they behave and contribute to society. I’d like as many people as possible to get involved with this project and use the frame and hashtag to show people how we all pull together and build strong communities.” Kelly, Bury.

Do you also think the social housing stereotypes are unfair?

1. Use the hashtag #WeBenefitBury on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to let others know why the stereotypes are wrong.

2. Add a Facebook frame to your profile picture to show your support. Simply click the button below and type 'We Benefit Bury' into the search box to bring up the frame.

Download a Facebook frame to show your support for We Benefit Bury and end negative council stereotypes

Update your Facebook profile photo with a #WeBenefitBury frame

3. Look out for our #WeBenefitBury selfie frame at events and join a growing gallery of council tenants from Bury who are standing up against the stigma.