Abbey Close, Ampleforthe Gardens, Byland Gardens, Glastonbury Gardens, Kirkstall Gardens, Waltham Gardens, Spenser Avenue.

Works to be carried out:

Please note Repairs Direct are commencing with the re-roofing works at the addresses below which include new soffits, fascias, rainwater pipes, guttering, renewal of concrete tile/slate and loft insulation.

Number of properties:


Proposed start:

August 2022

Proposed finish:

November 2022

Contact person:

Darren Russell, Marion Maxwell, Dave Thompson

Contact details:

0161 686 8000


Company carrying out the work:

Repairs Direct, New Works.

Additional information:

Abbey Close.

Ampleforth Gardens.

Byland Gardens.

Glastonbury Gardens.

Kirkstall Gardens.

Netley Gardens.

Waltham Gardens.

Spenser Avenue.