You may be able to claim compensation if:

● Something has been damaged whilst we were doing repairs to your home. See below for more information.

● We have failed to repair a problem that threatens your health or safety. or

● You have made certain improvements and are leaving them when you move out.

For total piece of mind, why not get your belongings covered. We offer a low cost household insurance scheme that can be paid in weekly instalments. Click here for more information.

Compensation for damage caused by repairs

We only pay compensation if we have been at fault.

You may not, for example, be entitled to compensation, if a pipe bursts and the water immediately damages a carpet. We therefore advise all our tenants to take out their own contents insurance to cover such incidents.

You may be able to claim compensation if your belongings have been damaged during a repair or because we did not respond in time, resulting in further damage.

We'll deal with your claim as quickly as we can. We will visit your home to check the damage and will investigate the circumstances fully to find out if we are at fault. Contact us if you think you may be eligible to claim.

Right To Repair

Most of the jobs we do are done on time. However, delays can occur occasionally.

The 'Right to Repair' scheme gives you the right to compensation if certain repairs are delayed. This includes repairs which could threaten your health, safety or security.

The scheme covers smaller, urgent jobs that would cost us less than £250 to put right. See below for ‘qualifying repairs’ that are included. If we don't do the job by the deadline, you can ask us to get the work done by a different contractor.

The different contractor will have the same time as we did to get the job done. If they also fail to meet the deadline you can get £10 compensation. The longer you have to wait, the more money you may get. For example, you will get another £2.00 for every day that the job isn't done, up to a maximum of £50.

Before we give you any compensation, we will deduct any money you owe us or Bury Council first. For example, if you owe rent, council tax and rechargeable repairs.

To qualify for compensation you must have:

● Told us when it's convenient to come and do the repair;
● Let the workers in at the arranged time;
● Told us that the job wasn't done when the deadline passed;
● Asked us to order it from another contractor; and
● Told them that the second deadline has also passed.

Contact us if you would like more information or would like to make a claim under the right to repair scheme.

The following jobs may qualify for compensation in the right to repair scheme:


● Loss of some or all power
● Dangerous sockets or fittings

Water & gas

● Loss of some or all water supply
● Loss of some or all hot water
● Loss of some or all gas supply


● Loss of some or all heating
● Blocked flue on an open fire or boiler

Floors & Stairs

● Rotting timber
● Faulty banister or handrail


● Blocked or leaking foul drain or soil stack
● Blocked or leaking toilet pan or (only) toilet not flushing
● Blocked sink, bath or basin
● Taps that won't turn
● Leaking pipe, tank or cistern

Roofs, windows & doors

● Leaking roof
● Insecure window or outside door
● Broken door entry phone

Extractor fans

● Broken kitchen or bathroom fan

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