We must do certain repairs to your property by law. However, there are some small jobs you are responsible for.

Although the majority of our tenants take pride in their home, a small number may deliberately damage or neglect their property or allow other people to. This is unacceptable and we do not believe other tenants should foot the bill to put things right. We believe that these individuals should pay for any repairs that are required. We call these jobs ‘rechargeable repairs’. We will consider taking legal action against them for breaking their tenancy agreement.

We will not charge for damage that has been caused by fair wear and tear or if the damage was caused by a crime. If there is a doubt about how the damage happened, we will come and check the problem before we make a decision.

The following are examples of typical repairs that we would check to see if the damage was caused deliberately or by neglect:

● Broken internal or external doors or door frames;

● Lost keys or replacement keys;

● Damage caused by forced entry after the loss of keys;

● New window glass, broken window frame;

● Broken kitchen units, toilet, bath or basin; and

● Broken electrical fittings

This is not a complete list. We may charge for other repairs, if necessary.

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