From 1 February 2024, Bury Council is responsible for managing and maintaining all council homes previously supported by Six Town Housing.
Please use this website and other contact points as usual. Further information is also available on the council’s website.
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Q: I am a victim of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), how can Six Town Housing help?

Every ASB case that is reported to us is thoroughly investigated and dealt with in line with our policies and procedures. Evidence provided by the complainant (and alleged perpetrator) allows Six Town Housing to make informed decisions on the most appropriate action to take, which usually involves prevention, intervention or enforcement via legal action.

We work impartially with all parties to address issues and work with partner agencies where necessary to achieve a resolution; examples including Greater Manchester Police, Mental Health Services and Bury Council.

While we do not have the ability to re-house tenants as an initial response to ASB reports, there have been some high level and complex cases that have required discussion between Six Town Housing and Bury Council with a view of providing alternative accommodation and other multi-agency solutions.

Q: I am a victim of hate crime, what can I do?

Six Town Housing is a Hate Crime Reporting Centre, so would urge you to report this to us. We take this very seriously and will investigate all complaints promptly. Visit our Hate Crime page for further information and a list of other Reporting Centres.

Q: Can I report ASB without giving my name?

If you do share your name with us, your details will always remain confidential unless you give us permission to disclose them. If you prefer, you can decide not to provide your name but this means we would not be able to update you on what action we are taking. It may also limit the action we can take.

Q: You have asked me to keep filling in diary sheets, why is this?

We need evidence of each ASB incident to enable us to build a picture of what has been happening, and for us to see if the action we have already taken has resolved the issues. If the incidents continue and diary sheets are completed, we can then look at what further action can be taken. We would also use these as evidence if the case went to court.

Q: What would happen if the case went to court?

You will be required to provide a witness statement and to give evidence. Your Anti Social Behaviour Caseworker and Enforcement Officer will support you throughout the case and help you prepare for any hearings. They will also attend the court hearing and support you on the day.

Q: What if the person stops causing the ASB or nuisance after I have reported it?

If the incidents stop then Six Town Housing will monitor the situation for a short period. We will then close the case. However, if further incidents happen after the case has been closed, Six Town Housing will ‘re-open’ the case and continue to take action against the person causing the nuisance.

Q: You have offered mediation, what does this mean?

Mediation is an alternative to going to court which can be a lengthy and expensive process, with the court making the final decision for all those concerned.

Mediation allows all parties the opportunity to talk and be listened to without any interruption and to feel they have achieved something.

If you feel uncomfortable about attending a face to face meeting with other residents, you can have a one to one discussion with the mediator.

Mediators are impartial and will not be taking any sides in the dispute, nor will they be judging anybody.

Q: What are the benefits of mediation?

The benefits of mediation are:

  • You get to hear the other persons feelings and concerns
  • Being listened to and feeling supported
  • You start to feel in control again
  • By talking to a mediator you take the first step to resolving the problem

Mediation is held in a neutral location and controlled environment to allow all parties to feel at ease.

Report ASB to Six Town Housing.