About your environment

We know our customers want to live in pleasant neighbourhoods which are clean and well maintained. 

We do a range of things to ensure your neighbourhood remains in tip top condition, including:

  • Providing a Community Maintenance team also known as Neighbourhoods Direct
  • Organising clean up campaigns with local communities
  • Working in partnership with other agencies e.g. the Council and Groundwork to keep your neighbourhood looking good; and
  • Taking action against tenants who have untidy gardens.

If you've spotted a problem in your neighbourhood please contact us to report it to one of Neighbourhood Community Advisors:  

Bury East - Mike Peake, Jane Straccia and Sam Abraham

Radcliffe - Clare Hunter, Chris Ryle, Lisa Booth and John Byrne

Bury West / North Manor - Ashleigh Hogan and Faye Tomlinson

Prestwich/Whitefield - Tunji Owolabi and Mark Swindell

Garden Scheme

If you're struggling with your garden, our Neighbourhoods Direct team can provide an reasonable priced service for all tenants. For more details, please click here.

Rubbish Removal Service

Similarly, if you're struggling to move any rubbish from your garden, the Neighbourhoods Direct team will remove these items at a reduced rate.

If you would like a quote for either service, please contact us. 


Community Development Work

Meet your local Community Development Workers (and follow them on Twitter)

Bury East - Kirsty Booth                                                           

Radcliffe - Debbie Standring and Steph Brimelow

Bury West / North Manor - Steph Brimelow

Prestwich/Whitefield - Naomi Exton

Our Community Development Workers ensure effective and innovative customer engagement and community development arrangements are in place across the neighbourhoods. 

They actively participate in your community and help to improve the life chances of our tenants and residents through a number of projects including training courses, job clubs, health and wellbeing courses and summer roadshows.

If you are looking for new opportunities, want to learn new skills, start an apprenticeship or take part in some volunteering work then please contact one of our Community Development Advisors on 0161 686 8000 or take a look at our Steps to Success website for all the latest information.

Recycling in Bury

Please note that the collection of waste is the responsibility of Bury Council's Waste Management Service.

Click here to link to Bury Council's website for information on collection dates and how to recycle your waste.