From 1 February 2024, Bury Council is responsible for managing and maintaining all council homes previously supported by Six Town Housing.
Please use this website and other contact points as usual. Further information is also available on the council’s website.
Find out more here: Six Town Housing Update

We take fire safety seriously and carry out fire risk assessments to check for the risk of a fire especially within blocks of flats as well as Sheltered and Extra Care schemes.

We have recently been putting carbon monoxide detectors in the homes we manage, and we already provide smoke alarms. Please take the time to check your detectors are working and let us know if your detectors are not working or you need one replacing.

Can you please ensure that your do not leave your personal belongings within the communal entrances or stairways if you live in a block of flats as these can prevent safe escape from the building in the event of a fire.

Can we please ask that you do not use any appliances such as a barbeque or chiminea to heat your home as this will create a real risk of a fire and carbon monoxide poisoning to you, your family and your neighbours.

If you are worried about heating your home, then please contact us for information on the range of support available to help you with the cost of heating your home. Please be aware that you will still have to pay a standing charge for your gas supply even if you are not using it.

There are also things you can all do to help prevent fires and know what to do if a fire breaks out in your home. Click here to find out about fire safety in flats and here for fire safety in homes.

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