Menopause Awareness Month - Blog by Jane, Menopause Support Coach

Hello, I’m Jane Straccia, Tenant Engagement Advisor at Six Town Housing and our in-house qualified Menopause Support Coach. This month is International Menopause Awareness month, with the main day being the 18th of October.

We started our events off with a session at The Mosses Centre in Bury on Thursday 12th October. The wonderful Dr Zoe Hodson, menopause specialist, came to talk about the pelvic floor and the effects that this can have and lead to if we do not look after our bodies. We had some wonderful feedback from attendees who feel that this is such an unspoken topic and they are glad we are spreading more information.

On October 18th, myself, Shelley Caulfield from Live Well service & Jo-Anne Ardin, Pelvic Health physiotherapist from Fairfield, undertook a huge day of events for Menopause Awareness Day.

The morning began at Radcliffe Library, then Ramsbottom Library and finally at Castle Leisure Centre, where we looked at cardiovascular health, HRT, and nutrition.

Women across Bury wanted to learn more about what is out there for them, what struggles they are coming up against in their personal lives, and how they can get the help and support they need.

I felt we really raised awareness and spread the word, bringing women together from all walks of life to share their thoughts and dismiss taboos.

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