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Residents at Moorfield happy with new security fencing

A new security fence has been fitted at Moorfield Retirement Living Scheme to provide tenants with extra security and privacy.

Following years of anti-social behaviour, crime, and trespassing on the grounds of the scheme, the resident’s group applied for and received £3,000 from our Transformation Fund to help towards having a new security fence fitted. Bury Housing Services also secured funded to help cover costs. Since then, there has been a significant reduction in anti-social behaviour and crime and the police haven’t received any further reports.

Debbie Standring, Tenant Engagement Officer, said, "I’m really pleased that funding could be secured for the much-needed security fencing at Moorfield. The tenants are really pleased that their concerns have been listened to and its been a great example of housing staff, Greater Manchester Police and the community working together to address neighbourhood problems."

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