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Volunteers come together to make Radcliffe greener

On Thursday 11th April, we teamed up with local community groups and charities to help clean up Milton Road field in Radcliffe.

Milton Road field is renowned for fly-tipping and dumping rubbish but after a full day of cleaning by local volunteers, Bury Housing Services staff, and caretakers, two trucks worth of rubbish were disposed of.

Growing Together Radcliffe, Radcliffe Litter Pickers, and Keep Britain Tidy helped organise the event with the help of funding from the Greater Manchester Environment Fund as part of the Redbank Partnership. All their hard work helped turn the area into a safe green space for the local community to enjoy.

The Redbank Partnership is an ongoing project to renovate Redbank lodges, Milton Road Field, provide an orchard for Radcliffe Primary School with access to Redbank lodges for pond dipping and walks, and a small orchard, new decking and new planters for Radcliffe FC.

Tina Harrison, Chair of Corrie Gardeners, said, “The Redbank partnership is building on communities taking ownership of their areas and using them to access nature and for public bodies to work alongside communities.”

If you would like to keep up with the project and find out when they will need volunteers in the future, visit their Facebook group here.

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