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Gas Safety Week launched on 13th September 2021, an annual initiative that encourages housing organisations and tenants to consider the importance of gas safety in the home.

For your safety, it is our responsibility to ensure all of the gas appliances in your home that we are responsible for are checked every year by a qualified Gas Technician, but it is also your responsibility to let these engineers into your home to carry out these checks.

John Burke, Contract Administrator for Heating at Six Town Housing, has answered some important questions about these yearly gas checks.

Why are gas safety checks important?

It is a legal requirement that we check your gas and it’s important that you know that your gas appliances are safe to use.

What are the risks if they aren’t carried out?

There can be some serious risks if our gas safety checks aren’t carried out due to not having access to the property. The most severe risks can include Carbon Monoxide poisoning and gas escapes, which can cause explosions. Other problems can also include inefficient boilers, which will result in higher fuel bills. These are just some of the reasons we must visit all homes, as we want to ensure everyone is safe and well.

What happens when I have a gas check?

Firstly, the gas carcass is tested, which is also called a gas tightness test. Next, all Six Town Housing gas appliances have a gas safety check. Smoke alarms are then checked. Engineers will then have a visual check on the condition of other appliances.

If you are worried about the safety of a gas appliance in your home, turn it off and do not touch it until it has been checked by a qualified gas engineer. You can contact us to arrange this.

If you smell gas:

  • Please do not smoke or light any flames.
  • Please do not turn any switches on or off.
  • Open all doors and windows.
  • Shut off the gas supply at the meter.
  • Put out all sources of ignition or naked flame.
  • Leave the building and call National Grid’s gas emergency freephone number on 0800 111 999 in the first instance, then please contact us. Please do not use a telephone until you are safely away from the property.

If you would like to find out more about gas safety, visit here.

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