Six Town Housing carry out a planned programme of improvements with Bury Council's approval each year once a budget has been authorised. 

Read more about this here and find out what other works are planned for 2018/2019. Repairs Direct and A Connolly Ltd are currently contracted to carry out work.

Repairs Direct

The Repairs Direct team are on course to finish installing kitchens and bathrooms on St Thomas estate by the end of May, currently ahead of schedule. They will then move to working on 89 properties at Dumers Lane. Repairs Direct's second team have completed 13 properties out of 77 in Bent Hill.

A Connolly

Following completion of works to 53 properties on Woodhill Estate, contractors A Connolly Ltd are moving on to Prestwich (Sherbourne Court & Warwick St Flats – 91 Units) to undertake major refurbishment works to the 1 and 2 bed properties. Work to the gas infrastructure is still underway to properties to enable the gas central heating installation. Work will include fuel switch/removal of electric storage heaters, installation of gas central heating, full property electrical re-wires and kitchen and bathroom refurbishment.

In addition Connolly’s 2nd Team are to commence on Chesham Fold in Bury, refurbishing 167 properties with kitchens and bathrooms.