From 1 February 2024, Bury Council is responsible for managing and maintaining all council homes previously supported by Six Town Housing.
Please use this website and other contact points as usual. Further information is also available on the council’s website.
Find out more here: Six Town Housing Update


Heyside Way, Moss Row, Parkside Walk & Lakeside Way

Works to be carried out:

Hardisty CRN will be carrying out the remedial work to the balconies/walkways. Work to remove existing covering to the walkways, improve drainage and renew coating.

Number of properties:


Proposed start:

December 2023

Proposed finish:

March 2024

Contact person:

Sean Canavan

Contact details:

0161 686 8000

Company carrying out the work:

Hardisty CRN

Additional information:

Site Manger:- Vincent Maher    
Emergency Contact Details (out of hours after 5pm): Vincent Maher – 07807948529 or Mike Johnson - 0794347997.
Site Compound/Office:- Site Storage Compound to be located at the end of Townside Row, near Heyside Way. The site office is located at flat 21, Mosses House .