A man carrying out a repair for Six Town Housing's Repairs Direct team.

We carry out repairs in line with our published repair priorities which have been agreed with tenants. The more urgent the work, the quicker it will get done.

When you report a repair we will give you a deadline for the work according to how urgent it is. We aim to complete all repairs within the timescales we have published;


We class jobs that are very urgent as emergency repairs. This includes repairs that are a threat to your health and safety or a risk to a property. Some jobs are classified as an emergency if there is a new born baby, elderly or disabled person living in your home.

Emergency jobs include:

• No heating or hot water during the winter months (1st September – 30th April);
• Main electrical fuses;
• Damaged caused by fire, flood or explosion;
• Unsecure doors and windows;
• Blocked toilets (where there is only one toilet in the property);
• Abandoned or damaged empty properties;
• Defective or unstable chimney stacks; and
• Collapsed ceilings.

Our deadline for responding to emergency repairs is 24 hours.

We will always try and complete the job straight away, but there may be times when we are unable to do this - for example, we may need to get spare parts. On these occasions, we will make the problem safe and try to provide a temporary solution. For example, if you report a broken window in the middle of the night, we may have to board up the window and return when it is light to reglaze it. If we need to come again we will contact you to make an appointment.

Non urgent repairs

Examples of non urgent repairs include:

• Reglazing a broken window;
• Minor joinery repairs;
• Electrical work (where there is no issue over health and safety); and
• Repairs to kitchen worktops.

Non urgent repairs will be completed by appointment with the customer as quickly as possible.

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